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The film, which has an investment teeth in Vietnam?

Ngày đăng: 2019/03/26 at 8:02 Sáng

The film, which has an investment teeth in Vietnam?, implant with removable denture. This is a way of restoring the entire teeth by using the implant head to make a support, then put the denture up. Detachable implant in the case of implant is not made of plastic as usual, but the use of porcelain, aesthetics, natural as well as higher strength. Removing the denture on the implant with high stability because the denture is fixed on the implant pier, the implant cylinder is inserted firmly into the bone, so the stability is good, preventing bone loss. Where should I plant my porcelain teeth for maximum effectiveness? Both dental implants are implanted in two ways, while this is a very difficult technique. Therefore, you should plant your teeth at a reputable, quality address with a good doctor.  If not well looked after, this will have a negative impact on the fetus and mother.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Questions pulp should be made ceramic crown teeth

First of all, according to your sharing, your molars are deep, and you are not feeling well now. So now you should go to the dentist who treats the pulp so you do not have to worry anymore!

We are very grateful to you for your trust and concern for the Dental Center I-DENT, about whether the tooth root should be coated. We would like to advise you as follows: Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Restore teeth have taken pulp by making porcelain crowns

In fact, even the experts and doctors do not say that after the treatment of the marrow you have to cover the porcelain teeth again. However, you should know that the teeth that are taken are often deep teeth, large tanks, … they cause pain, discomfort, cannot eat delicious food and only treatment of marrow can be. put an end to that situation.

The pulp is considered to be the source of life so that the tooth can survive, from which it “lives” and performs function in a healthy way. However, when the tooth is missing, it is considered dead. And the cured teeth will be very brittle, easy to break, broken. Therefore, doctors often advised patients to cover the porcelain for teeth that have taken the pulp to both aesthetic and maintain the strength of the teeth for longer.

If you still persist in not wearing dental porcelain for teeth that have been treated, you should pay attention to your eating and dental care. For example, should distribute chewing force on both sides of the jaw, should not eat too hard, hard foods such as ice, bone, … can cause you to break teeth, At this point can not be cured anymore, only one solution is to remove and implant dental implants or removable dentures.

We understand that not all people are qualified to perform cosmetic porcelain dental restorations, so that the dental pulp should cover your porcelain. we can only advise that: Porcelain for teeth that have taken the pulp will help you protect your real teeth, help chewing function is normal and long-term. vietnam dentist prices

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